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ATEF held a training for employees of Azerbaijan Railways CJSC

ATEF Group of Companies LLC held a training on “IMB - ATEF equipment, seamless rail circuits and microprocessor centralization” for employees of H.Z. Tagiyev Signaling and Communication Department No. 1.

The training, which took place at the request of the organization, was held at the Training Center at the company's High Voltage Equipment Plant.

First, the participants got acquainted with the production process of the plants included in the ATEF Industrial Complex. The guests were informed about the Large Transformers Plant, ATEF Transformers Plant, High Voltage Equipment Plant, Foundry Plant, Cable Products Plant, Precision Mechanical Processing Plant and Solid Insulation Plants, as well as products manufactured at these enterprises.

It was noted that the company specializes in the production of power transformers, high and medium voltage electrical equipment. Offering ready-made exclusive solutions for railways, industry, energy and other fields, ATEF is currently based on modern technologies, including transformers, reactors, distribution facilities, substation components, railway contact network design and details, as well as communication and signaling systems equipment. manufactures various products.

ATEF continues to invest in new research and production areas, as well as modern technologies. One of such areas is the production of equipment used in communication and signaling systems in railways, subways and urban transport.

During the training, the company's national intellectual product - ATEF Signaling, Centering, Blocking equipment and microprocessor centralization system was discussed. Participants were given detailed information about the controller, server client, SCADA, software and algorithms. The participants of the training were demonstrated the implementation of practical tasks in the model of railway signaling, interlocking and blocking installed at the High Voltage Equipment Plant.

At the end, the participants were awarded certificates.

It should be noted that there are few companies in the world that produce this type of equipment. In this regard, the ATEF Signaling, Centering, Blocking Equipment and Microprocessor Centralization system is of strategic importance for Azerbaijan. The new product is considered a scientific and technical achievement not only for ATEF, but also for Azerbaijani industry.

By presenting its new intellectual product, ATEF Group of Companies will reduce the dependence of the above-mentioned industries on foreign companies, and this product will be of great strategic importance for our country.


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