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Production of high-voltage switches with various designs is carried out at the factory under strictly controlled conditions established by the quality management system that operates in accordance with the ISO requirements. The plant has its own laboratory equipped with automated test benches and modern multifunctional measuring devices.


Each device is carefully checked and tested before being sent to the customer. Therefore, all ATEF CDD (complete distribution devices) and open or closed type, outdoor and indoor switch-gear up to 330 kV are equipped with the switches of own manufacture:

  •  Distributing devices of withdrawable type with vacuum switch, stationary and cassette-type switchgears of voltage up to 330 kV, switching current up to 3200 A and both internal and external versions. Depending on the design of the switchgear cells, the switches can be driven with front or side control.

  •  Gas-insulated (SF6) switches of up to 330 kV with switching current up to 3200 A

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