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The Special Department of Mechanization and Transport ATEF has a fairly large modern fleet of machines and mechanisms for heavy-duty transportation and installation for both domestic and international projects.


ATEF has its own high-tonnage cranes for loading and unloading project equipment.The company has special equipment and technical capabilities to complete the electrification of railways, including the installation of a contact network of railway and power lines:


  • Rolling machines

  • Locomotives and trolleys

  • Drilling and slotting machines on wheels and rails, allowing to work on high categories of soil density (basalt)

  • Excavators, cranes, mounting towers and platforms on wheels and rails

  • Comparators for soil compaction and much more


The presence of our own installation equipment and highly qualified specialists provides us with complete autonomy and allows us to carry out the most complex projects in the shortest possible time, including in areas with difficult terrain.

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