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For the construction or reconstruction of the railway contact network, any type of metal supports and pillars (intermediate, anchor, and multi-purpose) can be designed and manufactured at Metal Fabrication Plant. The supports are made both from roll-formed channel (MK type) and standard (UG type).

The supports have a height of 10 and 12 m and different versions of the bearing capacity across the axis of the railway track. Supports of the MAG and MCR types are with increased stability and also with increased load capacity, and they are mainly used as an anchor or steel structures.

Structurally, the supports are made both separately, installed on reinforced concrete foundations, and fastened with anchor bolts via insulating bushings and washers. The supports provide the possibility of making holes for embedded items.

The supports and fastenings are made of carbon steel of C 245 and C 345 (for areas with cold climate) according to GOST 27772 or their foreign analogues.

Welds are made by semi-automatic welding in a carbon dioxide environment. All supports and attachment fittings are protected against corrosion by hot or cold galvanizing with a thickness of at least 120 µm.

If necessary, ATEF Company can also supply reinforced concrete foundations of its own production for metal supports designed taking into account of wind and other mechanical loads.

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