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ATEF has invested heavily in the development of electrified rail products over the past 15 years. The list of products includes:


  • Traction transformers

  • Current limiting and filtering reactors

- 27.5 kV AC switchgears for railway electrification

  • Disconnectors and Vacuum Switches 1 and 2 poles for railway

  • Junction Station

  • Sectioning Post of 27,5 kV AC Power Supply System

  • DC switchgears 825 V for subways and 3300 V for railways

  • Rectifying units

  • Compensatory installations of 27.5 kV

  • Security and control panels

  • Railway Signalling and Train Control Systems RWSx4

  • SCADA Systems

  • Polymer surge arresters and surge arresters

  • Polymer and epoxy insulators

  • Contact wires and suspension cables for railway

  • Metal supports, searchlight masts, rigid crossbars and foundations for them

  • Insulated and non-insulated consoles

  • Details of the railway contact network

  • Details of linear fittings of high-voltage power lines

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