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The official opening of HV/MV Switchgear & Equipment Fabrication Plant, one of the most modern of the ATEF enterprises, took place in 2018.

High Voltage Equipment Fabrication Plant offers a wide range of switching equipment for various industries, including railways, subways and power industry:

- Distributing devices of withdrawable type with vacuum switch, stationary and cassette-type switchgear with voltage from 35 kV up to 330 kV, switching current up to 3200 A and both internal and external versions.

- Gas-insulated (SF6) switches of up to 330 kV with switching current up to 3200 A

- Horizontal center break disconnectors of up to 330 kV with switching current of up to 3200 A and with both hand-driven and manual dischargeable earthing switch.

- Supporting insulators of porcelain or a composite depending on the customer requirement.

- Rotary disconnectors with a mechanical interlock

- Earthings, e.g. for neutral grounding of power transformers

- Short circuit for AC and DC

- Control boxes for disconnectors and dischargeable earthing switches


All manufactured products undergo mechanical and electrical tests for being complied with international standards before shipment.

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