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Metal Construction Fabrication Plant, which started operating in 2011, was built with help of the ATEF Group funds.

The plant is equipped with the most modern equipment and lines that allow to perform a wide range of technological operations for metal processing including plasma cutting of flat and 3D parts, wafering, chiselling, drilling, marking, punching holes and cradles, semi-automatic welding in a protective gas environment.

All metal parts are manufactured using close control modern equipment:

  • Shotblasting installation for continuous sheet cleaning

  • Heat cutter with 5 burners (cutting up to 100 mm)

  • Automatic welding lines of I-joists, channels and l-bars

  • Line for roll-formed channels and z-profiles

  • Line for grid poles of power lines

  • Profile cutting equipment for pipes up to 650 mm

  • Laser cutting

  • Plasma cuing

  • Guillotine shears

  • Coordinate cutting machine

  • Bending machines

  • Sandblasting and coater rooms, ect.

The plant is particularly proud of its HD galvanizing for metal structures which allows producing a wide range of galvanized products up to 14 m long.

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