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One of the most important enterprises of ATEF Group of Companies is Casting Products Plant. Aluminium, copper and steel castings are made here. The activities of the enterprise comply with all environmental regulations.

There is a wide range of manufactured parts from steel, aluminium, copper, bronze, brass, other metals and alloys. All the parts for the railway contact network, linear fittings of power transmission lines, elements of rigid busbars and open switchgears are manufactured by casting or hot forming.

The plant applies the technology of mold, sand casting as well as casting under low and high pressure. The company has installed ITALPRESS and ALU-03, TERMOLIT melting furnaces.

In parallel with the traditional casting techniques, we have also mastered evaporative-pattern casting (EPC) which allows the company:

  • Reduce the cost of subsequent mechanical treatment

  • Ensure stable quality of casting

  • Quickly produce parts with complex configurations

  • Ensure compact production and reduce emissions of toxic gases


At the present time, in developed countries, 30% of all casting is done by this method. EPC is almost waste-free and does not require a large number of related materials in the form of various resins.

The plant also produces rectangular and tubular copper and aluminium busbars, i.e. insulated. According to the requirement of the customer, it is possible to manufacture busbars of various configurations.

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