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The State-of-the-art production facility for manufacturing of of high quality power transformers with a capacity of up to 800 MVA and with a voltage level of up to 525 kV.

The plant is equipped with the world class modern equipment and production lines from the leading global companies such as SAGMA, GEORG and HEDRIC. The production buildings are equipped with DEMAG overhead cranes with a load capacity of up to 300 tons, as well as air-cushion support that can move components weighing up to 500 tons.

In addition to the automatic lines for the main production, the plant has also equipment for pre-drying and crimping windings and individual transformer components in automatic mode which increases the electrical resistance of the insulation. Powerful vacuum furnaces for drying active parts of transformers in solvent vapors which help significantly reduce the drying time and improve the quality of products.

In addition to large-size power transformers, the plant has also mastered the production of current and voltage measuring transformers from 110 kV to 220 kV. A modern test laboratory built by the German company HIGH VOLT allows to carry out all necessary tests with high accuracy which, in the end, guarantees that all parameters of the products meet the standards.

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