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To ensure timely and high-quality configuration of transformer plants of ATEF Group of Companies, the specialized Insulation & Component Plant was built and put into operation in 2018.

The enterprise manufactures hard insulating parts made of electric cardboard and wood-laminated plastic based on thickened beech veneer (TBV), produces uniforms for company employees, cabinet and soft furniture, the products such as PVC doors and windows for various projects.

 The plant produces all types of insulation parts for power and distribution transformers. For this purpose, the plant has installed high pressure presses and modern drying and processing lines. Special multi-axis programmed machines quickly and accurately cut the most complex configurations of insulation parts, as well as forming and pressing machines are able to produce cylinders and rings of any diameter.

As it is known, the reliability and durability of power dry-type distribution transformers and reactors depends significantly on the perfection of the insulation system in the active part, particularly on the correctness of the design of the parts and the quality of the insulating materials. In the design of power high-voltage transformers, the hard insulation is about 7-8% of the transformer total mass.

This includes the following:

  • Winding cylinders

  • Pressing rings

  • Capacitive rings

  • Remote seal gaskets

  • Stairs for the magnetic circuit paces

  • High voltage hoses and drains

  • Straight and reverse angle washers

  • Insulation threaded studs and screws

  • Crepe paper tubes, ect.

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