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The Installation and Commissioning Department performs all types of installation, installation and commissioning work designed by the ATEF design office, as well as installation work for projects developed by other companies.


ATEF has competent and experienced technical staff to carry out the project at all stages. Our team has all the necessary licenses and

certificates to provide construction, installation and commissioning.


We offer high quality products and guarantee that our highly trained staff will provide best-in-class service during the warranty or post- warranty period.


Our areas of activity:

  • Industrial enterprises

  • Civil engineering

  • Residential areas

  • Design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of P/S up to 500 kV

  • Design, manufacture, installation of power transmission lines up to 500 kV

  • Design, manufacture, installation of traction substations of railways and subways

  • Design, manufacture, installation of a contact network line

  • Detailed design and technical development of SCADA and telemetry systems

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