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ATEF Elektromash Plant has a historical significance and rich production traditions for the ATEF company. It began to function as Baku Dry Transformer Plant which was founded in 1961.

After privatization in 1992, the company restored production, and after modernization in 2003 the plant received its current name, ATEF.

ATEF Elektromash Plant specializes in the production of oil immersed and cast-resin dry-type distribution transformers, CTS (complete transformer substations), as well as metal supports for power lines and railway, etc. The plant operates a number of important units and sites for the localization of components of the final products which serve to support the domestic energy industry and the export of products. The plant also has a testing laboratory where transformers are tested in accordance with the international standards.

Such units as a textolite shop, a rubber shop, a plating shop, a paint shop, an optional equipment shop, a packaging shop and others allow to shorten the time and reduce the cost of transportation of components for main production.

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