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Today the following series of disconnectors and earthing devices are released from the company's production line:


Horizontal-rotary, single- and double-column disconnectors

Center-break disconnectors

Vertical-break disconnectors

Earthings, e.g. for neutral grounding of power transformers

Short circuit for AC and DC

Rotary disconnectors with a mechanical interlock

Control boxes for disconnectors and dischargeable earthing switches




Disconnectors are available with voltage from 35 kV to 330 kV, switching current up to 3200 A and with discharge earthing switch both with manual and motor drive. (According to the requirements, operational control supply voltage should be up to 24-220 V AC/DC)

When placing an order for manufacturing, a questionnaire for each product must be approved. On demand, support insulators for disconnectors can be made from porcelain or polymer.

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