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The range of the Company's current-conducting products includes busbars and conductors of different constructions and configurations.  For this purpose, depending on the requirements, aluminum, copper, and their alloys are used:

  •  Rectangular collecting busbars for MDD with cross-section up to 6000 A

  •  Spheric rigid busbars for open switchgear swith diameter up to 160 mm

  •  Busbars transitions of different configurations

  •  Copper and low-alloy wires for MLF and NLMF contact network

  •  Non-insulated copper carrier cables for contact railway type M

  •  String links of chain contact suspensions

  •  Stitch wires, ect.


Rectangular collecting busbars for MDD are non-insulated, relatively massive, current-carrying conductors of rectangular cross-section.

Collecting busbars and busses extending to the circuit breakers of the most complex configuration are performed on close control equipment (cutting, punching and bending) on EHRT equipment (Germany).

All types of collecting busbars made of aluminum and copper (rectangular and tubular) installed in the switchgear assembly as well as tires for rigid busbars of open switchgears are made of the desired composition of the castings on the high-pressure presses by extrusion.

Rigid busbars for open switchgears are completed with connecting parts (clips, bends, couplings, etc.) of our own manufacture.

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