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Cable Manufacturing Plant was put into operation in 2016. ATEF Group of Companies, being a major manufacturer of power and distribution transformers, tries to localize the production of all components of the main products at its enterprises. The plant produces all types of aluminum and copper winding wires, power and control cables for indoor and outdoor installations, as well as underground cables with a voltage class up to 36 kV.

Winding wires are made with paper (PB and APB) or enamel insulation (PETV or PET 155) also with NOMEX, Polyimide-Fluoroplastic (PPIU) and Fiberglass lacquer (PSD, APSD, PSDTL or APSDTL) insulation. According to the requirement of the customer, special insulating material for cables can be used.

The plant has mastered the production of transposed wires (СТС) for control-power winding which repeatedly increase their reliability.

ATEF cable products correspond to GOST and have all necessary certificates for the electrical equipment and fire safety.

The enterprise constantly introduces the latest technologies, renovates and modernizes the equipment, increases the competitiveness of the production by improving the quality and reducing the cost of production.

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